Sunday, 4 August 2013

DIY | Fawn & Deer Featured In

A couple of DIYs I've shared on the blog have recently been featured on other sites...

My DIY decorated drawing pins made using vintage scrabble tiles, beads and pearls was featured on French blog Avec Ses 10 Ptits Doigts.

And the DIY geode bottle stoppers from my Project Handmade Christmas have been added to Beads & Cord.

Thanks for the love!

LIFE | June & July In Instagrams

Homemade Salted Caramel Coffee Frapp's were the order of the day!
1tbsp instant coffee and 1tsp sugar dissolved in a little hot water, 
add to 1 cup milk in blender, 1 tbsp salted caramel dessert sauce and ice. 
Blend until smooth. Yields 2 glasses.

I put the finishing touches to our little garden.
This little cactus planter hides a random chunk of concrete 
and upcycles some of the old wooden guttering!

I finally found the giant rainbow sprinkles I'd been searching for... use in my mini vanilla sprinkle cupcakes for Evelyn's birthday party.

After 8 years of having a heart locket tattoo on my 
wrist I finally got it covered with a full forearm of Stag.
Holly from Noir Bizarre in Hull designed him for me based on my specs and some 
images I sent her. 3 hours later (most of them relatively pain free) and I was over the moon!

Evelyn turned 1!
I cannot believe that I gave birth to her just over 12 months ago
and she is now toddling round with her Ikea Toddle Truck.

 And since we had the week booked off work we took Evelyn's first journey to the beach.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIY | Birthday Invitations

Now that all the invites for Evelyn's first birthday party have been handed out I thought I'd share the DIY of how I made them. There'll be more bits from Ev's birthday at the end of the month.

So, the theme is Summer Picnic Party. We'll be heading to our local park - the main reason being that with 20+ guests there's no room in our house or garden. But Pearson Park's fenced garden (where we are hoping to snag a place under the big tree) is really pretty and the perfect place to catch some rays and chill for the afternoon. Plus there's close access to ice cream!

So I searched for lots of ideas and eventually settled on ice lolly/popsicle invitations. I picked up large wooden lolly sticks from our local scrap store before even picking a template. I settled on Martha Stewart's but with some alterations.

The original was printed on vellum and decorated with tissue paper strips.

I printed the outline (available here) with the 'Let's Celebrate' text on to pastel coloured card

 Print out straight from the website and you'll get 4 invites to an A4 piece of card

 I sat and cut everything out in one go. Bit boring but at least it was all done.

I used super glue to adhere the lollipop stick to the RSVP side of the invite (after filling out the info)

And decorated the front with plastic gems

I was really pleased with the finished result except I was really limited in the amount of detail I could attach

I found this hundreds and thousands graphic and printed out x9 as a wallet size image with windows photo gallery

Then flipped it over and did the same thing with a poem I wrote that outlined all the details of the day

Everyone who's been lucky enough to receive one has thought they where amazing and they are decorating notice boards and fridges right across the UK!

Friday, 7 June 2013

LIFE | April & May In Instagrams

I received my last Glossy Box.
My BFF got me a 3 month subscription for my 30th. Each one got progressively better and the Pearl Lowe box did not disappoint - full sized Essie polish and Model Co cheek tint, mini perfume, tinted sunscreen and pistachio body butter.
Splodgy Leopard Print Nails.
After weeks of waiting I finally got lots of newness made and delivered to Tessies - Gold Tooth, Bow & Kitten and Anchor, Heart & Swallow necklaces, Ruby Slippers earrings, Moustache & Happy Heart and Gun & Flower brooches...
----- well as a new range of deco sunglasses, including this hand decorated rhinestone stud pair.
We finally got a garden! After 4 years of just having a yard we finally got grass and plants. I took a few photos throughout its transformation so I'm going to do a post on it when the other side is sorted.
We made buttered popcorn for the first time (using this recipe) while watching 'Life Of Pi'.
Our 10 month old munchkin learnt to do a whole bunch of stuff in a very short space of time. After only sitting for 3+ months and not attempting anything new she figured out how to get herself into a sitting position from her belly, then crawling, then pulling herself up! She thinks she's hilarious but I have a small heart attack every time she stands up in her cot.
We're almost near the end of our mission to get the house fully decorated before Evelyn's birthday!
However this has left me with an abundance of pictures and prints. Taken down from all over the house, I don't want to get rid of any of them but don't have anywhere to put them without ending up with ridiculously overcrowded walls. A friend of mine thinks I'm becoming a hoarder, hahaha.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

DIY | Disappointment

While picking up Phil's copy of F1 magazine (at a whopping £5 an issue!) I decided to have a quick look at the craft magazines that Tesco had to offer.

'Prima Special: Spring Makes' really stood out with a range of cute DIYs on the cover that would make perfect gifts for Xmas '13.

I'm pretty certain I could make everything pictured without instructions but a pattern or two always makes everything a little easier.

A quick flick through before parting with my £4 revealed a little treasure trove of do-it-yourself goodies

How amazing is that owl cushion?

In actual fact everything in these three pictures (plus a few more pages) are all items to buy! The accompanying crafty instructionals from this article were pretty lame to be honest and nothing you couldn't easily find on Pinterest for something to make with your kids to pass some time on a rainy day - tissue pom poms, gift labels and boat place settings...
Some of the best DIYs where unfortunately based around crocheting something that I have zero skill in.

Crochet covered vintage lampshades and heart shaped chocolate boxes are super cute!

Handmade wedding day place cards with bows made from dish clothes! Really?

A bunny made from a sock? There's actually a pattern for this believe it or not.

There where a couple of saving graces but I think these would have been pretty easy to find even with the most general of DIY/craft searches.

This tote would make a great gift on its own or as part of a larger themed gift (food hamper, gardening set?) and the embroidery pattern is included.

This gardening apron would make a lovely present with some simple gardening staples such as twine and seeds.

This is probably the best DIY in the magazine that I actually have the skills to create. The template for the framed house is printed at the back.

I'm interested to see if this article is actually of any use. I don't honestly have my hopes up since it only runs to one page.

I've been back to work for almost 4 weeks now and at the same time have been trying to get the last of the home decorating done. That way I will finally be able to sit back, relax (as much as you can with an under one year old) and enjoy the house for a few years before we move and start all over again! Tomorrow I'm going to finish the last of the painting in the dining room then book in the new carpet for the beginning of next week. Then it's just one trip to Ikea for two side tables and a sideboard and then I am done.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

LIFE | March In Instagrams

After a little trial and error I figured out how to print onto fabric using the computer printer.
 We had our first trip to the park. Decidedly unimpressed and confused.
Sold my first cross stitch through Vintage Cafe but via Instagram!
Delicious delivery of homemade goodies from my meringues, chocolate eclairs and parma ham bread.
Made this little guy, based on an illustration by Andrea Kang.
Finally got round to putting these up in Ev's room. Original vintage Disney's Jungle Book stills with DIY polka dot washi tape frames.
Started creating prototypes for purses for the shop...
...and got these awesome lip buttons to use for the final designs.
Bought these adorable Woodland Dolls from Lapin & Me via the Urban Outfitters sale (missed out on the yellow one though!)
Got around to re-doing my nails with Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee. Took a while to get used to the consistency but eventually managed to get 3 pretty neat coats on. Think this is my new favourite nude.
You know you need to go on Twitter more often when you've missed a re-tweet from the official Oxfam Fashion feed.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

DIY | To Try?

What is it about Anthropologie's Home & Gift sections that seem so enviably DIY-able? I have a feeling the price point has a lot to do with this as it is massively out of reach for me unless we're talking about bargain basement-type sale reductions.

While you might not be able to make an exact replica of this piece since you probably couldn't find all of the appropriate sized flatware this could be a relatively simple DIY. Vintage spoons drilled on the handle and hooked on to a sturdy kilt pin would, at the very least, do the job of being aesthetically pleasing kitchen ware.

Again, a relatively simple DIY depending on what style you go for. Based on vintage oil paintings these letters are easily found at craft and hobby stores. You could even print out an image and glue it to your letter and finish with varnish, 90s decoupage stylee!

So this 5 stainless steel set has been dipped in 24k gold plate! Probably not to your budget right? Just reverse the dipping and change up the colour of the handles instead. This tutorial from Creatively Christy shows you how, using spray metal primer and paint, tape and sandwich bags. Fancy up a 24 piece service, co-ordinate a mismatched set or make yourself a 5* collection of serving spoons.

|Arctic Animal Drawing Pins, £10|

On the face of it these aren't too pricey since you do get the full set of 5 and they are made of stoneware. But then, who pays a tenner for drawing pins? 5 cheap plastic animals, a can of white spray paint, some flat head drawing pins and a suitable glue will have them DIY'd in no time.

You can put as little or as much effort into a DIY version of this jar depending on whether you paint the whole thing. You can pick up jam jars or similar from homeware, craft and some DIY stores or even save and recycle used ones. Use a stencil and chalk board paint to create a wipe clean and re-write label. The sky's the limit with the rest of the design but a shelf full in white with black labels, each sporting a different coloured lid (primary colours for a kitchen, neon for kid's rooms, pastels for bedroom or bathroom storage?) would look ace, as would a subtle change in shade for each to give a ombre effect!
These seasonal shakers aren't currently available but seem to pop up on the site every year before Xmas. On the left, a snow scene in a salt shaker (pick one up from a charity shop/thrift store/car boot/flea market and any sort of small ornament, trinket or cake decoration and fasten up) on the right, an up turned mason style jar (thrifted/DIY, homeware of craft store/recycle). Want to create a storm rather than just a scene? Check out Martha Stewart's tutorial on How To Make A Snow Globe.

These images will all be filed on my hard drive or pinned for future reference. Some will probably remain dream DIYs (I don't know how many more jars I could feasibly bring in to this house before P leaves me!) whereas I think making little salt shaker snow globes would make a fab Yuletide tradition when Ev's is a little older.

Have you tried an Anthro-inspired DIY? Leave a comment below and feel free to link.

For more inspo check out DIY Anthropologie on Pinterest.